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The New World of Entrepreneurship

Insiders’ Guide to Buying and Selling Your Own Business in the Digital Age

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Welcome to The New World of Entrepreneurship

The post pandemic playing field of business ownership has been reset. With 20% of businesses in default or shut down and another 20% in negative cash flow, the new “green sprouts” of tech driven businesses can capitalize on the economic fallout. Good times are ahead and there are droves of ways to capitalize on the “reset”. This book shows the strategy behind how to search, raise capital and then run and even sell your business in the new tech age.

Rod Robertson

Rod has written two prior books on entrepreneurship and is a regular and past guest lecturer and speaker ranging from The Harvard Business School to national podcasts, radio, as well as print sources such as Yahoo Finance and MSN among a host of international outlets as well.

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We are bullish on opportunities for the young and new entrepreneurs to start or buy a new business after the economic meltdown of the pandemic.

Co-author Stuart Robles

Stuart has done business around the globe. He has taught at multiple international MBA programs and is tech driven. Stuart speaks multiple languages and understands the new world order of entrepreneurship and its’ pivot to technology.

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The New World of Entrepreneurship shows the path to doing business in the post pandemic international business world.

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